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September 29, 2022



      You know, how to make preparations.  You prepare, for a long-awaited trip, to a faraway place.  You make lists.  You plan, what clothes you are going to wear, and pack accordingly.  You prepare, for a day of celebration, such as a wedding, or a birthday, or a graduation.  You prepare, for storms, that are impending.  You prepare, yourself by having insurance, so that hospital stays will not totally wipe-out your bank account.  You prepare, for tests, whether they are in school, or a challenge, at your workplace.  You prepare, for the birth of a child.  You prepare, for so much.  But, the time, will come, when I will call you, Home.  And this is certain.  Some of the things you prepare for, in the physical world, you are not sure they will happen.  You are just making preparations; in the event they happen.  But look at the lengths, you go to, to make these preparations, for something that is not absolute, in its coming. But I tell you, the call, to come Home, is absolute, in its coming.  Prepare.  Make preparations for one of the greatest trips you will take, in your eternal lifetime.  There was preparation, before you came to Earth.  There should be preparation, before you return to The Place of your eternal birth.  I will call you Home.  Prepare.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       There is something satisfying in knowing that you are prepared, that you have done the things, that are required, to protect you, and your family, and loved ones in the event of an emergency, or a change of situations.  And this is good.  But there will come a day, when there will be a definite change, in your situation, and you will exchange your temporary garment, of flesh, to resume walking in your eternal body, of light, as you return Home.  Make preparation.