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September 28, 2022


      Listen, and behold, the beauty all around thee.  Listen.  Look, and see.  Go beyond.  Let your spirit be your eyes.  For, within the spirit is wisdom, and it is not disguised.  It is pure, and potent, and beautiful.  The eyes of your physical body can fail you.  You see only the surface.  You cannot see within.  But the eyes of your spirit can go into the depths, of all you see, and reveal, the mystery.  Listen, and behold.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Your eyes are constantly working.  They see.  But they see the surface.  They see a blade of grass.  They see a plant.  They see an animal.  They see another human being.  And in the seeing of it, they are aware of: the clothing on the human being; the type of animal; the type of plant; the type of grass, quickly identified.  But beyond that, not much more.  It is time to see with the eyes of your spirit, the eyes of your soul, so that you go beyond, what you have been told, whether the person is poor, or whether they are draped in gold.  You see these things, on the surface.  But it is time to go deeper, within.  Call forth the eyes, of your spirit, and begin to see.  Listen, and behold.