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September 27, 2022


      The ways of mankind can be challenging, tricky, sometimes, trying to figure out how to maneuver, position yourself, in such a way, that you are in sync.  What is considered correct, one day, is often considered incorrect, the next.  And sometimes, fitting in requires that something be done, that it is not possible for everyone to do.  My ways are simple: kindness, charity, forgiveness, mercy, love, humility.  These things, and many others like them, can be done by everyone.  The only requirement is that you desire to do these simple things.  It is worth the effort, and once you are leading your life, in such a way, that you do show kindness, you do show charity, you know forgiveness, you approach others humbly.  As you practice, these simple things, you draw nearer to Me.  Everyone, upon the Earth, can do these things.  And the doing of them does not require money, a fancy house, a big car, a degree, a special course of study, strength.  No, what is required is the heart to practice.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       In the world, created by man, there are limitations.  The limitations can be that: you are not strong enough; you are not tall enough; you are not rich enough; you are not smart enough.  There are things that only special people can accomplish, because of the limitations, which are decided by humankind.  But God has no such limitations.  Drawing nearer to God only requires that your heart is filled with love, and you are willing to be kind, to forgive, to nurture.  Let it be your intention, today, to begin building, storing away, increasing, as you perform acts of kindness, and charity, and love, and forgiveness.  The doing of it, will bring you peace.  Let there be peace upon Earth.