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September 26, 2022



      When the waves, of the ocean, crash upon the shore, lifting their waters up, in the air, they are celebrating being.  When the waters, of the river, splash, and fall, in such a way, that calls your attention, from the shore to the center, of the moving water, the rivers are celebrating being.  When the breeze, moves through the trees, and kisses your cheek, with its presence, the breeze is celebrating being.  When the sun lights up all there is, it is celebrating being.  When the leaves, fall from the trees, and are caught in the air, in a beautiful dance, held there, for you to see, they are celebrating being.  So, today splash, be joyful, dance.  Let your feet show the rhythm, of Earth, that is, within you.  Dance, and sing, fly, and bring, the joy, of the celebration of being.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       There is no doubt that life, on Earth, is temporary.  So, do not treat it as something ordinary, when a day is set, before you.  Celebrate the day.  Let today be a celebration of being.





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