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September 25, 2022



      There will come, to visit you, a temptation, to hide your sadness, and sorrow, weakness, and pain, wounds, and tears, and rise-up, every day, and wear the façade, that is not necessary, at all.  For those of you, hiding your pain, I stand at the doorway, and look in, reach-out My hand, and say, “Come, sit with Me.”  For those of you, who are pushing down, or hiding, anything inside, so that you might appear to be strong, on the outside, I stand, at the doorway, and say, “Come, sit with Me.”  Sit with Me, in the sadness, and sorrow.  Sit.  Do not move.  Do not speak.  Reject the energy of guilt, and just sit with Me.  As we sit, together, with whatever is plaguing thee, our communion, our sacred union, will cause it to melt away from thee.  And in the end, all that will be left, is you, sitting with Me, in peace, minus the sorrow, and the sadness, and the fear, and the tears.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       I live, within thee.  I AM part of thee.  And as difficult as it might seem, sometimes, for you to know you have a piece of God, within you.  Know this.  So, there is nowhere to hide, or run.  You can deny it, but just because you deny it, does not make it less so.  It is possible for you to free yourself, every day, from that which is a fly in your ointment, let us say.  Just sit, and listen, and be still, because in The Presence of God, darkness shall not envelope you.  What others do, or say, will not touch you, in any way, as you sit, with God, as you listen, for My Whisper, as you know, who you are, and what you are doing, and the importance of your mission, upon the Earth.