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September 25, 2022


      “I AM with you.  It is a new day.  I AM with you.  There is no need to study the mystery, of how it is possible, that I AM with you.  It comes with a faith, and a belief, far beyond what someone else tells you, or what you read.  The seed of this faith, this belief, is within you.  It is carried by the spirit that is you, the eternal you.  Therefore, it comes from within, and no one can take it from you.  You have access to dimensions beyond your belief.  But, first, you must believe.  And with the believing, comes the knowing.                           


       “As you live, upon the Earth, you encounter many things.  And sometimes, the temptations, flowing toward your physical body, are too powerful to avoid: some, rather innocent, in their nature, that extra scoop of ice cream; some, are rather malevolent, in their nature, gossiping about others.  Those are examples.  But it does not matter which one we are addressing, the source, of the ‘education,’ is the same.  You must choose.  You make decisions every day, choosing what food you eat, what clothes you wear, what group of people you talk with, dance with, sing with.  You choose your thoughts.

       “In the decisions, you make, every day, you are showing, those of the world, who you are.  This is me.  This is how I eat.  This is how I walk.  These are the friends that I choose to spend time with.  This is the way, I comb my hair, or brush my teeth.  This is me.  These acts of kindness are me.  These acts of deliberately insulting another person, that is me, too.  You are showing the world, who you are, by the things you choose to do, think, say.  And often, you can successfully, hide, and manipulate, what you are thinking, doing, and saying, in such a way, that you present a face, to the world, that might not be a unique you. 

      “Often, you are trying to disguise your weaknesses, those things that you feel you do not excel in doing, to show a stronger, wiser you.  And this carries you far, because your family, and those who love you, as friends, more than likely see, through that, which you hide, and disguise, but they love you, anyway.  They love you, because they know you, and feel the spirit that is you.  Those, that are passersby, or acquaintances, might not notice this, at all.  They will see the superficial you, the part you wish to play, the role you have assumed, for that day.  But those who love you, and care for you, and know, what you are hiding, below, deep within you, they choose to love you, anyway, and wait for the time, that you will drop your guard, and say (that which you need to say).  And each of you have had the experience of sitting with one you felt attached to, attracted to, strongly, and in the conversation, those things, that you have been hiding, begin to slip up, roll over your tongue, and come out, in conversation.  And there, unexpectedly, you do not see shock in the eyes.  You just see a face, looking at you, sitting with you, someone there, listening, as you find the courage to reveal the authentic you, and to be vulnerable, so that you can be real, at last.  And when that happens, and all of this, you were hiding, inside you, is regurgitate, your body is free of it.  You feel better.  You are free.  You are no longer stuffing it down, where it is making you sick.  You have brought it up, and spit it out, and there it is.  That, My brothers, and sisters, is freedom.  Seek the company of those who are eager, willing, and lovingly wait, to embrace the vulnerable you, because as you have the faith to reveal, you are giving them the trust to be just as vulnerable, in the light of a new day, when there is nothing to hide, or stow away.

      “And, as each of you have had this experience, and know the feeling, I will say, that, within you, within your spirit, you have communion, conversation, union with God, with Me, The Spirit of God, the Spirit of Jesus.  This representation of God, upon Earth, is Me, The Three, Father, and Son, and Holy Spirit.  You know Us, and We are One.  And We are One, with you.  So, you cannot hide what you think, say, and do, because we see it, and know it.  We are, within you.  Heaven is, with you.  Heaven is, within you.  Begin to know the world, within you, the unending world, within you, eternity, within you, and understand that no matter what you try to hide, we love you anyway.  We know your strength, We know your courage, because We planted the seeds, within you, so you might grow, spirit first, and learn to wear the garment of flesh, to serve the spirit that is you, the spirit that came to Earth, on the mission.

      “Do not be tempted to get it turned around.  It is spirit that animates the body.  It is the spirit that is you.  And We know the spirit that is you.  And We love, unconditionally, without reservation, the spirit, that is you.”