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October 20, 2023


          Look.  See the rain drops sliding, slowly, down the leaves of the tree.  This time, the drops are not caressing the green leaves of summer.  They are crossing the body of the leaves of autumn, and the feeling is different from the leaves of spring and summer.  The leaves are drying, while, at the same time, revealing their beautiful colors for all the world to see rich hues of reds and golds.  And the rain drops continue to fall, gently experiencing the last season of the leaf, as it prepares to release, fluttering in its dance with the wind, never to be the same again.  It is a sacred exchange between each leaf and the rain.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           As you live your life upon Earth grace falls upon you.  During your lifetime grace rains upon you no matter what season you are experiencing.  The grace of God is as the rain, it falls upon all, a sacred exchange between creation and The Creator.


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