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October 21, 2023


          If you take My hand, and walk with Me, you will never wander in chaos or confusion, as I know The Way; and, as it is clear for Me, it shall be clear for thee.  Ask the questions.  Seek the answers, within Me, for I shall not fail thee, we are one.  That which is Mine I give to you.  Do not turn your head, or your heart, in pride, when you can be walking here by My side, knowing The Way, as I know The Way.  My child, this is how it is meant to be, you, walking with Me.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           You cannot control what comes your way, but you can assure that no matter what comes your way, you will meet it, walking with God, The Creator of All Things.  This sounds powerful because it is powerful.  It is The Way.  Come.  Do no delay confidence, peace, joy, and love.  As it is all yours, today.  You do not have to wait for some undisclosed date.  It is all with you now, today.

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