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October 22, 2023



          Your thoughts question, “How can I stay connected with You, God, all through a busy day, which seems to draw me farther and farther away?”  “And hearing your question, I answer, Just be.  Be as you are meant to be.  From within Me is where I created thee.  And, My child, I AM love.  You are with Me, as you journey, upon Earth.  In the sweetest moments which live, we are one, as we dance in the sun.  Yet, even in the shadow and darkness, we continue, as one.  We do not run, nor do we hide in worry or fear.  We stand together and bring the light of the sun to the shadow and darkness because we are one.  Do not overthink the process, just be, and naturally you will be with Me, always.  You do not have to memorize long sentences or rhymes, just close your eyes, whisper My name, and you will feel Me beside you.  Just be.  For you are created of Me, and all that I AM I have given unto thee.  So, when you wonder how you can draw closer to Me… just… be.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           Do not struggle, trying to maintain connection with God.  Just be, as you are created to be.  Just be… love.