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October 24, 2021



      “I AM with you.  You hear that said, so often, but today, believe, I AM with you, because with that step, it will lead you to a place, where you will know, I AM with you.  There will be no doubt, there will be no question, for what you know cannot be taken from you.  Know, I AM with you.                                  


      “There comes, into the life, of every person, every individual, who lives upon the Earth, times filled with chaos and confusion, times of worry, doubt.  These you face, but sometimes, you forget to face them, with God.  You wring your hands, you cry, you call-out to others, for help, but you forget the powerful well of God’s love, which never dries up, never runs out.  It is there for all, in equal proportion.  Come, and take what you need.  It is time to go to God, first.  The love of God will fill you, to the point where, even in a state of worry, you are changed, instantly, and your worry is set free.  You hold it, no longer, because God will take it from thee.  In a state of sadness, your sadness will be set free, it will fall from thee, there will be no need for sadness, because God will take it from thee.  But you must open the door.  The walls are thick.  Tear them down.  God seeks you, with the flow, of His love, with the majesty, of His light, with the comfort, of His peace.  It is all there.  It is never taken away.  It is not cut up into proportions.  It is, there, because God is love.  It is the most powerful energy ever created, and there will never be, one to stand above it.

       “Put that doubt away, that you cannot be worthy of this love.  Put that thought away, that you cannot be worthy, at all.  I tell you: it does not matter, what you have done; it does not matter, where you have been; it does not matter, who you have hurt.  The love of God is still there, as it has always been.  Do not deny yourself the unconditional love of God, because once you know this love, then you are prepared to give love to another person, because it will not be the fabrication of what your idea of love, might be.  It will be the unconditional love of God, flowing into thee, and then, you are willing to breathe it out, to another.  God’s light flows to you, just the same.  It is a light that will bring illumination to places of shadow and darkness, so that you might see, with clarity, and understand, and grow in wisdom, at the hand of God.  Only when the light of God, shines through you, and upon all you say, and do, can you be the illumination, and the light, for you are created to be the light, unto the world, not your fabrication of the light, the light, you think should be, but the light of God, shining through thee.  In this way, you will begin to bring the peace of God onto the Earth, with your presence, your thoughts, and the words you say.”