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October 25, 2022


      Do not ignore the suffering, the pain, of others, around you.  Do not close your eyes to those who are seeking compassion.  Reach-out from your safe place of comfort, and comfort those in need.  Listen.  Listen to the crying.  Listen to the moaning.  Pay attention, and help, those who are in need.  Even when you do not have much to give, you do have the ability to smile, to say kind words, to sit awhile.  Do not ignore the suffering.  Be My hands, My eyes, My ears, My voice.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is easy to ignore that which you do not wish to see.  But today, open your eyes, open your ears.  You do not have to go far to find someone, who is suffering, in some way.  You have the time.  And most often, all that is required, of you, is to listen, and hear, what another is saying.  Listen, without thinking you are obligated to resolve the matter.  What is needed is, an ear, someone who will hear, and acknowledge who you are, and this experience, that is with you.  So, while you might not have the funds, to make donations, you might need the clothing, which you have, but you can always give a smile, a kind word, and take the time to listen to a wounded heart.  Take the time.  Do not turn away from those in need of what you do have to give.  And give it, joyfully, willingly.  For, you will find peace in the giving, and you will bring comfort, to another, today.