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October 26, 2022


      No matter what you are doing, or what you have done, I will never desert you.  I will be with you, and I will wipe away every tear, soothe every anxiety, and whisper, so you will hear, how much I love you.  No matter what the situation might be, I love you.  And so, I ask of you, today, with friends, or family, or acquaintances, or someone you do not know, at all, no matter what they are going through, no matter what they are doing, or what they have done, do not desert them.  Wipe away the tears, calm the anxiety, and be present, because, in that particular situation, I AM there, and you are there, and they are held in the arms of love.  And Spirit sings The Song of Love.  And they will feel it, and know it, and grow in it.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       No matter what the situation, when you see need for comfort, or support, or compassion, or companionship, go, without hesitation.  Nothing needs to be said.  No questions need to be asked.  The grandest statement is made, when you take another’s hand, and hold it, in their time of sorrow, or sadness, or rejection.  At that moment, you are the hand of God.  God is with them.  But when they see, what God is doing, through you, they feel The Presence profoundly.  And you are not alone, when you are standing with one, who has been shunned by others.  You are standing, with God, and I shall be your comfort, in those times, when you are truly, doing the work of God.