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October 26, 2021



      Do not permit your focus to become so narrow, putting all your energy, into the goal, you have set for yourself, into what you believe, is your destiny, that you lose track of where you are going, and miss the path, which will lead you to fulfillment, accomplishing all that is meant for you to do, grander, and greater, than what you could have imagined, was yours to do.  Widen your focus.  Open your eyes.  Open your ears.  See the signs, that are coming to you.  Pay attention to where you are going, to that little path, on this side, or that side.  Pay attention to what is opening, for you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There is placed on your heart, a desire, to do something, a mission, just for you.  But often, that mission gets side-tracked, in the thoughts of what you believe is possible for you to do.  You limit your destiny, with what you think is possible.  With God, all things are possible.  Follow the signs.  Heed the call.  Do not hesitate, to step into all you can be.  Your destiny is far greater than what you believe it to be.