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October 25, 2021



      Do not doubt that there is glory, all around you.  You see it in the rising sun, and the setting sun, in the rising moon, and the setting moon.  You see the glory.  You see the glory, playing out, in light, in the way the sun, and the moon, leave highways of light, upon bodies of water, how they touch peaks of mountains, and forest floors.  See the glory all around you, in the rain, and the wind, and the song of the bird.  Do not doubt the glory that is, because doubt will rob you of the glory of All That Is.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Today, open your eyes, and see what is going on around you, as a child, a child so young that they have not been told histories, or geographies, or family teachings.  They are pure.  Their slate is clean.  They are in awe, of all they see, and they see the glory, in everything.  Go forth, this day, as a child of God, and see the glory, in All That Is.