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October 27, 2023


          In the sweetness of the moment, when dawn is beginning to break, before the songs of the birds celebrate the coming, you hear My voice, feel My presence, with you.  If you rise-up, during this sacred time, be still and quiet.  Hold your thoughts from racing ahead, into the day.  Hold your tongue from announcing any plans for the day.  Be still, and in the suspended moment be, with Me.  Be as you are meant to be, emptied into the presence of Me.  In this way, allow Me to guide you into the new day.  Without worry or concern, be.  Be still and be with Me.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           Even when you think there is no time to be still, and quiet, sitting in prayer, there is.  You make time for that which you believe is important.  It is time for you to believe your time with Me is such a time.  In the surrendering of time, we embrace, and sway, and feel the oneness of the whole.  We are the oneness of the whole.  We are one.