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October 28, 2023



          When the silent hush of night is preparing to give way to day, you can hear the whisper, from within.  It does not come from far away.  It lives, with you, moving over your inner landscape, familiar, comfortable.  The waking whisper will caress you, and gift you with delight as you await the coming light of a new day, dawning.  The eagerness, prompted by the whisper, will be peaceful, awakening hope, inspired from within.  As the sun breaks the horizon, and rests upon where you stand, the light, comes to you, takes your hand, welcoming you to walk into the radiance of a new day.  And you walk, you and the still, small voice within, embracing that which is, releasing that which has been.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           When the rest of night is done, and the light of the new day is announced in the rising of the sun, rise-up, and let it be.