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October 29, 2023



          There will come days, when you do not feel joyful, when it seems as if there is a cloud overhead, blocking the light of the sun.  Do not walk any farther into that time.  Sit with Me and we shall find the source of the energy, tempting you into being less than you can be.  For, those of Earth are meant to live with hope, in the light of each new day.  Perhaps desire for something has gotten in the way of just being.  Perhaps pain or wound has slipped into the picture.  There are so many possibilities for the source of this lower energy, and none of them begin within Me.  When you see the whole, you see the reason for each piece of the whole.  Let us see together, and I will point out the piece that is disturbing your equanimity.  Seeing and knowing brings wisdom to that which would have been, ultimately, plaguing you, and your day.  So, sit with Me and let us wash away all doubt, all debris.  Sit with Me, and let it be.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           If you will be still and allow the present to flow with you, within you, and all around you, you will find the present is exactly where you are to be, with all that is, flowing with thee.