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October 30, 2023

          You are not gone from Me.  While you cannot see Me, with your physical eyes, you can see Me, with the eyes of your soul, in that which I have created, around thee.  Close your eyes, which can be blind, and see.  Walk slowly, moving as if you know what surrounds you.  And in this way, you will soon come to know, you are not gone from Me, as we are one.  In all ways we are one.  And, if we are one, you are not gone from Me.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           Many things appear to be mysteries, until you understand how they have come to be.  Someone might show you how it unfolds.  You might read, and then discover the answer is, as it was told.  And when you are taught, when you are shown, the mysteries are mysteries no longer.  All mysteries can be solved.  I am within you, resting within you, waiting to show you The Way, every day.  Visit Me, and we shall unfold mysteries set before thee.  We are one.  If I can see the mystery unfold, as we are one, so too can you.