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October 31, 2023


          Come, let Me hold you.  Let Me whisper to you, conveying how very dear you are to Me.  Come, let us speak of the new day, and each adventure coming your way.  There is no need to delay the coming of all which is held within this day.  Experience is worth seeking.  For, if you do not experience, you cannot truly know.  You only know what others tell you, you relive their experiences.  But it is in the living of it, that “it” becomes a vital piece of you as you expand and continue to unfold.  Within you there is completeness, which is a piece of the whole.  And we are one within the whole, with all its components of completeness.  The whole is not complete without you.  Your life upon Earth is not meant to be boring.  It is meant to be filled with everyday experiences which come your way.  Rise up and live fully, flowing into the new day.  The adventure continues, creation continues, within thee.  Let it be.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           It is up to you to choose the experiences of your lifetime.  When it is time to choose, choose with excitement, understanding your choice will alter your path, and change the way you see and grow and know.