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October 30, 2022



      “I AM with you.  I AM here.  I AM near.  I AM within you.  Within you is the place to go, so that we might talk, and walk, and be together, and sow the seeds of, relationship, communication, union, communion.                                      


      “As I walked upon Earth, thousands of years ago, I did notice, many things.  But the one thing, that I noticed most, was how individuals could fool each other.  And it was very obvious, when you would watch, and listen because, those around you, in humankind, many of them, asleep in the dust of Earth, could not see you, or know you, from the inside out.  So, you could walk around a wall of denial, and come out the other side, presenting yourself to friends, or family, or acquaintances, sometimes complete strangers, just as you wanted them to perceive you.  And, once that show was done, you could walk around another wall, and come out, as if you were not hurt, or sad, or gripped with sorrow so deep.  And that would be the face you would present to those, who were watching, or listening, or talking with you.  And, when that charade was done, you could move around another wall, where you could hide, from the world, what you did not want the world to see.  I saw this, in action.  I saw relationships, based on trickery.  There was no complete revelation.  So, who could know you, with all these disguises, know you, truly?  And it appeared that it was exhausting, keeping all the disguises in a row.  Which disguise, which hat, which garment, would you wear for this group, that you would not wear for this group?  And it took a lot of ingenuity, and intellect, to keep this going.  But it is wearisome, and tiresome, to not reveal your genuine, authentic, self. 

      “You do not have to reveal anything, when it comes to your communication, and your relationship with God because, God is there with you, in front of the wall, and all the disguises.  And God is with you behind the wall, as you change garments.  God knows you from the inside out.  And where those, on one side of the wall, might cheer you for one garment, and jeer you for another garment, God loves you without a garment.  From the inner core of your being, you are loved, no matter what you are thinking, saying, or doing.  You cannot run from God.  Why would one want to run from God because, God is unconditional love for you.  And it is the same for each of you.  God does take a tablespoon, and measure out love, in proportion to what you did or did not do, because you cannot divide up the vast pool of love.  It is love.  And that is what God has for you, unconditional love.  So, why not bask in it?  Dive into the pool of love.  Go deep.  Float on the top.  Be within it.  Breathe it in.  Do not deny yourself the feeling of God’s unconditional love, as you walk upon the Earth.  Most of you are doing that.  You are denying yourself this.  You are struggling, and dragging your feet, as you slump through some days, when it is not necessary, at all. God is there with you.  God knows it.  You do not have to tell God what you are going through.  God is there with you, going through it all, with you.”