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October 29, 2022


      If you feel the stirring, if there rises-up a prompting, from within you, turn your head, from those, of the world, who say it is not possible to do, what you say you are called to do.  Rise-up, and prepare, to do the impossible, because, if it is stirring, within you, the impossible, will become possible, through that, which, you say and do.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not deny the power, that has been given to you, by God.  Do not hide it, beneath a cloak of doubt, any longer.  Rise-up, and speak, and say that, which is upon your heart.  For, when the direction is coming from God, it will not part you, it will not hurt others.  It will be the divine truth that unites.  It will be beautiful.  It will be of peace.  It will be good.  The truth shall come from you.  Follow, as you are led because, you can do that, which you are called to do.  It is your destiny.  Rise-up and do it.


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