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October 31, 2022



      Give yourself the gift of rest, and sleep, for rest, and sleep, is vital for a healthy body.  When the body is weakened from lack of rest, or sleep, it opens its doors to possible invasion of the armies of germs, which will then sow the seeds of illness and disease.  When making your plans for the day be sure to include rest, and sleep, as components of a well-rounded day.  Embrace the gift of rest, and sleep.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Let your spirit rest in the lap of God, and slumber in the arms of angels.  Do not play and replay negative aspects of your life, or your day.  Set worry, and concern, aside, and be at peace in the present piece of eternity, which is with you.  It might prove harder to do than you think, but you will find, as you rest your spirit from negative energies, that your spirit will rise-up, in the light of a new day dawning.