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November 1, 2022


      Go forth, and do, good works.  Do not hesitate.  Freely give, that which you are sent to give.  For some, it might be food, or clothing.  For some, it might be money.  For some, it might be a tender word.  But it comes from you, and it is yours to give.  And the giving, it is so different, from each of you, because you have this unique, authentic stamp, upon you, that says, “you are you.”  And that takes us back to the real you, the spirit that is you, the soul of you, because you cannot continue to identify with the body that is you.  It is a garment, a tool, a glove.  Go to the core, of your being, and identify with the real you.  And then, what you have to give, these, good things that you will do, will come from the authentic you.  And there will not be a mask of disguise, or a cloud of doubt, about what you are doing, and what you are giving, because it is coming from the real you, the you that knows Me, the you that is of Me.  We are doing this together.  When you can identify that, doing it together, working with Me, then it will be easy for thee to go out, and give, even to those who once you would have rejected.  You will give freely because it is you and Me, and you are coming from the soul, from the spirit, from the core of you, the authentic, beautiful creation, that is you.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Giving, to help another, is a relatively easy thing to do.  But it is done in measurements, and selective groups, and a bit of judgment involved, when you are thinking in the isolated environment of you, just you.  But when you go to the core of your being, and you sit with God, and you realize that God, and you, are cocreating, whatever you do, if you will it to be so.  Will it to be so.  Work with God, as you are meant to do.  This is how we realize the oneness of all because, God is working, from within you.  But God is within all creation.  So, serving one, is serving the all.  Do not hold yourself in isolation, denying the connection, the oneness with God.  Push away that debris, that has been settling there, separating you from God, and then sit, with God, and feel, The Presence of God.  Then, when you go out to do good things, you will see, The Presence of God in all people, you will see, that all is God’s creation.  And then, you will be working in unity, in oneness, from The Love of God, as it flows through you.