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October 4, 2022



      When you are one land, desiring to go to the land, on the other side, of the sea, you get on the boat, with all the others, desiring to go with thee.  And the boat leaves the dock, and heads-out, onto the sea.  But at some point, in the journey, from one land to another, the waves rise-up, and become choppy, and the sea is turbulent, and you find yourself growing ill, feeling sick, and The Captain assures you: that all is well; you will reach the other land; and the waves will calm; and you will feel better.  Now, this information is useful, to calm you, in one way, but it does not take away your seasickness.  It is something you must endure, until you reach The Other Land.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you are at the base of a mountain, desiring to reach the top, of the mountain, you begin your journey in a car, with a Driver, who is well known to you.  And you begin the travel, joyfully singing, as you go around each turn, heading up the mountain, to your destination, to the peak, to the top of the mountain.  But, somewhere along the journey, the winding of the roads, the sharp turning, and continuing, of the turning, begins to make you sick.  The movement is making you sick.  The switching, and turning, and curving, is making you sick.  And The Driver, whom you know well, assures you that you will make it to the top of the mountain, you will reach the peak.  And knowing this, of course, brings you calm, but it does not take away the motion sickness; and it stays with you, for a while, until at last the roads begin to straighten-out, a bit, as you reach your destination.  You have made it from the base of the mountain to the peak.  In the time, that you walk upon the Earth, you will be making journeys.  In fact, you whole, entire, time, upon the Earth is a journey, and you will encounter turbulent seas, and winding roads, and temporary illness, along the way.  But it will all be resolved, sometimes, during the journey, and sometimes, once you arrive, Home.