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October 5, 2022



      Do not, intentionally, set a course, designed to create enemies, for there shall be times, when you are prey, to such, unwittingly.  Be mindful, of the words you say, so come the end of the day, there will be naught to rue.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Be mindful.  It all begins in your thought.  Clean your thoughts, repeatedly, knowingly, and cast from you all negative energies, immediately.  Be vigilant.  Be mindful of the words you say.  Before you set a course, set your sails, and The Wind will fill your sails, and My Breath, and The Wisdom, within it, will propel you, over turbulent seas, to a quiet place of tranquility.  And all this happens because you were vigilant with your thoughts, and mindful of your words, and deeds.