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October 7, 2023


          It is time for us to talk, to speak, of that piece of yesterday, which is hidden deep within.  I know you do not want to resurrect the pain, the hurt.  But if we do not address that secret, which you hold, it will not go away.  It will stay with you until you, and it, grow old.  Look.  We can see it together.  After all these years you might find that it is not so impossible as it once seemed, when the light of the sun warmed the head of one who was young.  Take My hand and let us be still.  Look.  See what happened, with Me.  I will speak to thee of the truth of the matter, not just your truth, not just the truth of the other, but the truth as it was, as it is.  There, as you look, I will infuse you with the wisdom to see with the eyes of your soul, with the love of your heart.  Look.  It is shimmering, flowing, moving, so you might see and know.  That injury, from long ago, has the potential of being one of the greatest lessons you will ever gain, ever know.  But now it is time to let it go.  Whisper with Me.  “I see.  In the light of The Wisdom of God, I see.  And in the seeing there comes the knowing of the lesson, growing stronger with every passing minute.  I forgive all I have held, trapping the experience in pain, and hurt.  I forgive myself, and I forgive the other.”  Now, My child, do not stop with this practice until you can say it without hesitation.  At that time, it will be done, and you will be free. 

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           Sit with God.  Look and see.  Set yourself free.