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September, 1, 2023


          It is good to contemplate taking an action which will result in an outward sign of love and compassion toward others.  But once guidance is received, from the contemplation of it, then it is time for action.  Be mindful not to sit on guidance you receive from within, for that stops the doing of it, resulting in reflection with no action.  Each time you surrender pieces and parts of your day to sit in quiet contemplation, guidance comes to you, directing and guiding you, so you know how to move forward.  Be still, be quiet, seek and you shall know The Way.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           When you have a feeling to call your aunt, do so.  Without hesitation, do so.  That guiding thought came at the precise time your aunt needed the call from you.  But the golden opportunity to follow, without hesitation is lessened, as the hours and days go by, before you make the call.  I AM guiding you, from within, but the guidance requires action on your part for it to come to fruition.  Be still, be quiet, seek and you shall know The Way.