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September 2, 2023



          Hundreds of thoughts flow through you every day, sometimes more.  Some are pleasant and prompt a smile, others poignant and prompt a tear.  But there are others which stir up the dust of anger, resentment, retaliation, rejection, possibly hatred.  They all flow, like a river, until you reach out and take hold of one, focusing your attention on it before letting it go, especially the negative thoughts about someone or something, an incident from long ago.  The river of thoughts should flow, do not hold on, let them go, with a blessing and forgiveness, if necessary.  Do not dam-up your thoughts of injury, injustice, or woe.  For, if you do, they will stay with you, and stop the flow.  When those thoughts invade, and stop the flow, cast them from you, and let them go.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           It is easily seen, when someone has taken hold of a bitter memory, and will not let it go.  You can see it spreading over their face.  The energy hangs in the air, within their words, as they cry out from the wounds of yesteryear.  So, rather than letting the thoughts come and go, in the flow, the energy of the thought is what they know.  And perhaps you have experienced this damming of thoughts, the stopping of the flow.  Allow the flow to come and go.  Acknowledge that which is there, within your thoughts, floating, in the river, on the air.  Forgive it, and bless it, and let it go, releasing it so you will come to know peace.  All thoughts can become lessons of great value, if you practice forgiving, blessing, and letting it go.