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September 16, 2022



      There are places, upon the Earth, where you can stand, and speak-out, over a valley, far below, and the sound of your voice echoes, from one side of the mountain, to the other, and back, again.  Everything is set in place, arranged perfectly, naturally, so that your voice can be carried, and repeated, and repeated, echoing over the valley below.  And there are places, upon the Earth, where you can go, and because everything is exactly in place, providing the proper acoustics, you can whisper a sentence, and another person, many feet away, can hear, clearly, that which you say.  Ponder this.  See it as an example, of how your voice carries, through the corridors of all times, into eternity, echoing the words you say.  See it as a quiet prayer, whispered in the dark of night, and it is heard, from far away.  Use the examples in nature, upon Earth to begin to open-up, and unveil, the mysteries of eternity, of dimensional communication, of what is all around you, if you will just look, and see, so you might know.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Right now, upon Earth, in the present time, which you occupy, you can use a telephone to call someone, halfway around the world.  You can hear their voice, have conversation, exchange.  But you can also speak to God, residing in The Heavenly Dimension, which is with you, and you can have communication, exchange.  The wonders, of your modern day, are useful.  The mysteries, of eternity, are vital.  Be at peace this day.  Open the doorway, to the inside corridors, of your being, and begin to communicate, with understanding that, that which you speak, in quiet, in a whisper, is heard.  And your voice, is resounding, through the hallways, of eternity.  If it can be done, standing on a mountain, upon the Earth, it can be done, by you, knowing that when you whisper, it will be heard, and when you speak, it will be resounding, through eternity.