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September 18, 2023


          Do not turn your back on the forgotten, choosing to focus on family and friends around you.  Do not forget those outcasts from the circle, living on the margins, struggling to find their way, while you spend your day, putting focus on the things that please you, on the gifts you are given, and the gifts you give others, who are close to you.  Do not turn your back, or forget those who are hungry and thirsty, whose eyes are downcast because they feel unworthy to look up; or, perhaps, because each time they looked, they were cast down.  Turn around.  Look, and see.  There is so much to do, as you carry My love, as you carry Me, into places of need and lack.  And together we will put the love back and demolish the lack.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           As you go about your lifetime upon Earth, it is so easy to get caught-up in the things of family and friends, of those around you, walking, and talking, with those who love you, who bring joy to your day, who wish to work with you, and sometimes cry with you, laugh with you, and play.  This is easy.  It is good life.  But take the time to step aside and look to see what else might be.  And if you see a need, fill it, because I AM, within you, and I will show you The Way.