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September 19, 2023



           When you see the storm, rolling in, lighting the sky, in the distance, as it approaches, you seek shelter, possibly a coat, an umbrella, rain shoes.  You seek a place to be comfortable, warm, and dry, until the storm passes.  And this is good.  And so, let it be a reminder, when you see the storms of a lifetime, lighting up the skies all around you, approaching you, seek the shelter of My arms.  Come quickly, and sit down, with me.  For, I will be your shelter, I will be your clothing, I will be that which will keep thee from all harm.  And we will sit together, until the storm passes, and the sun brings the rainbow.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           Once you learn the signs of nature, once you see how it is all planned out for thee, then you will easily take the signs you have learned from nature and roll them into a spiritual sign.  You will begin to see signs, but they will have many layers for you.  These signs, sent to you, will give you options, will show you The Way, tell you what you are to do.  Learn the signs so you might know The Way.