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September 20, 2023

          There is not one hair, on your head, or anywhere on your body, that I do not know.  There is not one tear, you have shed, from your eyes, that I do not know.  There is not one prayer, you have uttered, or cried-out, that I do not know.  I know because I AM with you all the time.  No matter where you go, there I AM.  So, if I AM with you, take some time today to sit with Me so we might say the words, speak them together, so that you might begin to know Me, as I know thee.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           It can be a challenge to sincerely believe, and know, that I dwell within you, that God does go wherever you go because God is with you.  I say challenge because there are many statements that will contradict this.  You cannot know the mysteries, you cannot fathom God’s love for you, by reading a book.  You might get to know a bit about God by using your intellect.  But if you wish to know God, you must make the journey of the heart.  And it must be one step at a time, complete surrender, returning to the trust and the belief of a child, and walk.  Do not think, do not worry, just believe, and walk.