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September 23, 2022



      When the teacher extols the wonder, that is the student, that is within the student, that is of the student, the student rises-up, rises-up in celebration of themselves, at last, because slowly, one word, at a time, reveals, to the student, that which they are, who they are, from within, ignoring anything but the wonder, the gifts, waiting to be tapped, treasure, waiting to be cherished.  And as the teacher, slowly chips away, at the debris, that has been hiding the wonder, inside of the student, the student sees, and knows, who they are.  They see the wonder, because the teacher took the time to extol the gifts, to bring forth all that was in the student, so the student might look at it, and see.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       There are many ways to try to teach someone, to guide them, to take them along the road of learning.  Sometimes, the ways chosen can be harsh.  Resist, and walk away from, the one who says, “I will teach thee,” but begins by belittling, finding fault, casting blame, setting impossible goals, being demanding.  Seek the teacher who is loving, who knows exactly the road to wisdom, exactly, not fumbling, not falling, pointing, and encouraging, the student to know who they are, and the wonder of who they are, without loud criticism, or belittling.  For the garden, will grow, when it is well tended.  And the student, will blossom, when they are watered with words of encouragement, acknowledgement, and support.