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September 22, 2022



      In the valleys you will find refreshing water in rivers and streams.  You will find meadows, with flowers, trees, which are often the home for the birds, and the bees, and the other insects, which make it so.  You will find animals.  You will find vegetation.  You will find peace in walking in the valleys.  And there are many valleys, each unique unto itself, waiting to embrace you.  For, as you walk, into the valleys, you become one, with the valleys, and all that abides therein.  And the invitation is to, come, and sit, and be still, and feel Mother Earth, and breathe-in the air around you, and let your eyes go up, to the sky, and the clouds.  All of this is there for you.  Walk into the valleys.  See the view.  Visit them all, and then you will know abundance.  For, you will find it in the valleys of Earth.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Come unto Me.  Walk into My verdant valleys.  They are arranged so you can visit each one.  And The Gifts, of The Spirit, that rest, in each one, are waiting for you to come, to be still, and quiet, and look, and see what God has given unto thee.  I have come to be your Comforter.  I have come to be your Counselor.  I have come so you might know abundance, complete, full, waiting for you to embrace it, and live in it, and be part of it.  Be part of the abundance God has created for you.  See it in your physical world.  See it in your spiritual world.  And dive into it, enthusiastically, because it is yours.