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September 21, 2022



      Breathe.  Breathe-in deeply.  With every inhalation and exhalation, you are drawing oxygen into your body, you are releasing carbon dioxide.  The oxygen is serving you well.  And it is all around you, invisible.  You cannot see oxygen, yet without it you faint.  The body requires oxygen.  You cannot see oxygen.  Yet, you are constantly breathing, in and out.  Your physical body is kept alive by something you cannot see.  Your spiritual body is kept alive by something you cannot see.  It is the same.  My love flows to you.  My energy flows to you.  It is within you, it surrounds you.  It touches your skin.  It touches your hair.  Yet, you cannot see it.  The energy, that comes from Me, animates your physical body.  Your spiritual body needs that which comes from Me, that which is of Spirit, as much as your physical body requires oxygen.  And without the spiritual energy, The Spirit, within you, you faint, spiritually.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       If you cover your mouth, and hold your nose, you are soon struggling, to breathe.  Without the breath, the oxygen, there is no life, physically.  Without The Breath of Spirit, there is no life, spiritually.  Spirit animates the physical body.  Do not deny yourself that which comes from Spirit.  Like oxygen, you cannot see The Breath of Spirit, but your body is not the same without it.  You breathe, in and out, constantly.  It is something you do without thinking.  It is a connection between you and the air around you.  You cannot see it, yet you breathe it.  Do the same with your spiritual body.  Connect with God, constantly.  For, there is life within that communication, and your physical body will grow, as your spiritual body provides that which is necessary for a complete life, upon Earth.  Breathe, so that you might live.  The Spirit of God is within you, connect with it, and you will know life as it is meant to be.  Breathe, live, connect, fulfill, and you will find peace in every breath of the day.


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