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September 20, 2022



      Use your time, upon the Earth, actively pursuing your mission, that which you were sent to Earth to do.  Resist, the temptation, to become complacent, choosing rather to sit, in comfort, and watch others, as they do.  The athlete, to perform at peak, must exercise, and work the muscles, and stretch the muscles, sometimes to the point of discomfort, but knowing it is important to strengthen the muscle.  And the artist must hone their skill, no matter what it might be, and work, and pay attention to their art, their craft, often missing sleep, to complete a project, often finding solitude, the best way, to practice.  Resist, the temptation, seeking comfort, content with watching, the athletes play-out the game, on the field, or the artist exhibit, their skills.  You are not upon the Earth to be passive.  You are upon the Earth to participate, and use the gifts you have been given, so that you might complete your mission, so that your spirit is strong, your spiritual muscles stretched, and worked, until you can accomplish anything set before you.  Resist, the temptation, to be the observer.  Rise, to the occasion, to participate, fully, in your life upon Earth.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you choose, to be the observer, to watch the games, to watch the plays, to read another’s book, to be served, rather than serve, you find that, when you feel, you would like to participate, again, your body is weak.  You cannot play tennis, any longer, with the enthusiasm, that you once played it.  You are out of shape.  You have not exercised your muscles.  Your stamina is low.  If you do not practice, the energy, the stamina, the strength, will go from you, because it is not being used.  As this applies, to the physical body, it is even more applicable to the spiritual body.  To be strong, of spirit, requires that you strengthen the spiritual muscles.  You work on it, with intention, until, one day: it is easy, to turn the other cheek; it is easy, to bless those who curse you; it is easy, to forgive, and to forgive, completely; it is easy, to love, as you are loved, by God.