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September 19, 2022



      When you carry, within you, something, or things, which need to be forgiven, these things weigh upon you.  You can push them down, these thoughts, these faces, these whispers.  You can cover them up.  Perhaps, no one else even knows, that you are harboring, these things, of the past.  But you know.  And unless they are resolved, unless that, which needs forgiving, is forgiven, you carry the baggage, with you.  You know it is there, much like a carpenter, or a painter, or a weaver, looking at their creation, can find the error.  They know it is there.  Even before they see the beauty, of their creation, their eye goes to the error, sometimes hiding, there, not even in view.  But just like you, with the unforgiven, they know it is there.  Rid yourself of the heavy burden.  Do not pass it off, saying, “Oh, I have forgiven that already.”  Because if thoughts come to you, if a name comes to you, if a face comes to you, there is work to be done there.  It requires complete forgiveness, to the point of love.  If there is no love, the forgiveness is not complete.  The creation, your creation, of your life, as it unfolds, upon the Earth, is in your hands.  Take the time to go back, to the point, before the error, a misstep, the word, the deed, and walk through it, in such a way, that you forgive, completely.  For, when forgiveness is complete, and you walk, out of the situation, into a new place, there is love.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Even when others do not see it, you know it is there.  And the “it,” of which I AM speaking, is the thing, or possibly things, you carry, within you, which need to be forgiven.  Possibly, you have already said, I forgive this, or that, or the other.  But when it remains, within you, as anything other than a very good lesson, the forgiveness is not complete, and you are carrying a burden, you need not carry.  Work on the thoughts, and the words, and the deeds, and the people, and the situations, which pop into your head, and forgive, completely.  The sign that it is not forgiven, completely, is that it is popping up into your head.  It is a reminder, an angelic reminder, that there is something you need to do, to free yourself, from that burden.  And the something is forgiving, with love.