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September 18, 2022



      At your creation, you knew Me.  You were born in The Light of My Love.  And, as you were born, you saw Love, through My Light, and knew Me.  And when it came the time for you to journey to Earth, as you were born, upon the Earth, in that birthing process, there too, you saw The Light.  And in your youth, and infancy, you knew Love, through My Light.  But then, you grew, and were distracted by the ways of the world.  And soon, the knowing, of Love, in My Light, within you, was clouded, by the distractions, of the ways of the world.  Still, within yourself, you felt compelled to find out, and to remember, more about Me.  And so, you read, and you were taught, and you learned.  But this reading, and learning, as others taught you, could seem almost as if you were reading a resume.  You know about Me, to some degree, but you will not know Me, intellectually.  You will know Me from your feeling, your heart, from your spirit, from your soul.  When you close your eyes, feel My Presence with thee.  With your eyes closed, to the ways of the world, feeling My Presence with thee, breathe-in.  Let your feelings flow, and you will come to know Me better, than before, personal knowing, personal experience.  Feel My Presence, with thee.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       You can read a biography, and you know a lot, about someone.  You can read a resume, and know a great deal, about someone.  A friend can tell you about an acquaintance, of theirs, and you know a bit, about them.  But you do not really know that person, until you: meet, in person; shake their hand; feel the energy that is coming from them; listen, to their speech pattern; hold the words they say, until you know them clearly; listen for the laughter; see the face, the eyes, the lips.  This personal contact draws you closer.  And over the years, closer still, until you know them better, until they outshine the biography, or the resume, or the suggestion of a friend, regarding an acquaintance.  Today, meet God, in a personal way.