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September 18, 2022




      “I AM with you.  I AM truly with you.  Embrace, the knowing, that I AM with you.  Embrace, the moments when you feel it.  Encourage, the moments, when you doubt it, with your faith, by saying, ‘I know you are with me.’  For, I AM.  I come to you to say, let us walk into this day, together.  You know I AM there. Live, that I AM there.                         


       “There are so many facts, that you absorb.  Every day information comes your way, and then, you have the challenge to sort the facts, the information, misinformation.  Facts change, from day to day, being truth, or not the truth.  You categorize, and catalogue, these things that you are given, or absorb, just by living in the world.  But your earthly experience goes beyond facts, and information, bits, and pieces, here and there, of the importance of the current news of the day.  It is tempting to pride yourself on your intellectual ability. 

       “There is a thought, that you can come to know God, intellectually, by reading, by studying, by gathering all this information, about The Creator of All Things.  And so, you sit, and study.  You go to church, or temple, or synagogue, or meeting, and you profess your faith, trusting in what you have been taught, and read.  But if you approach the knowing of God, solely on an intellectual basis, there is a possibility, that from some institution, you admire, or individual, you admire, and place in high esteem, that something that comes from them could put a crack of doubt in your foundation, cause your faith to wobble, a bit, or lean, even in the slightest, because you are putting your faith in what is written, what is said.  If you want to know God, on a personal level, you must go to God, on a personal level.  You must feel The Presence of God, with you.  You must hear The Whisper, from within you.  You must follow your longing, and sit, in such stillness, that you know God’s Presence, with you.  You feel it.  You know the energy.  You recognize the vibration, and the tone, of the communication.  And, at that point, it is no longer abstract, it is your personal experience, with God.  And, in that personal experience, of God, with you, there is very little opportunity that what another says will place that crack of doubt, in this communion, because you have lived it.  You know it, at the core of your being.  This is where you find your knowing, of God, at the core of your being, where you have always known, from the time of your creation, always known Love, in The Light of God.”