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September 27, 2023


          Come to Me with the sweetness of Earth all around thee.  Come with the scent of a forest in early morning dew.  Come to me with the cleansing salt of the sea spray in your hair.  Come to Me with the fragrance of a summer garden.  Come to Me with the promising aroma of grains of wheat on your clothes.  Come to Me of all things of Earth, and I will inhale My creation, slowly, remembering creation is good.  Come to Me as you are, for you are My creation.  I will take you into My arms, and hold you close as you remember you are My creation, and listen, as I pronounce the creation good.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           The only thing is to come with all that you are, and that is enough because you are a creation of God.  You are a unique piece of the whole of creation, and it is good.  And so, you are worthy, just as you are.  Come.