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September 30, 2023



          Sometimes, it falls to you to do, rather than lamenting all you did not do.  Slowly slipping into the state of procrastination, you see things swirling around you, as if there is nothing you can do to stop the slipping, stop the swirling.  But there is.  Being a spiritual being does not eliminate obligations, nor responsibilities.  Being a spiritual being enhances your nature, leading you to focus on what is important to you, what is important for you to do.  When you become overwhelmed, feeling desperation rather than the spirit of creation rising-up from within you, be still, be quiet, and sit.  Focus on what is receiving your attention.  You will soon notice you are focusing on dread, frustration, guilt, and other energies which are draining your energy.  Resist the temptation to feed the negative.  Focus on rising-up to accept the responsibility and move forward from the point of acceptance to a state of doing rather than lamenting.  Empower yourself to swim out of the swirling waters into the flowing waters of My love for you, and we will do, together.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           When there seems too much to bear, too much to do, focus, first, on that which is important to you, and move forward from there.  Focus.  Do not be distracted by the tempting energies vying to consume your energy.  Focus on the light.  It will illuminate truth, and you will see, and in the seeing, know exactly what to do.


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