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September 4, 2023



          It does not matter how you see a tree: something of great beauty; dwelling place for insects, and birds, chipmunks and squirrels; laden with fruits, from which to eat.  That tree, which compels your gaze, rose-up from within the Earth.  It began within the soil of Earth.  The tree draws its strength from that which is not seen, except by the soul of you.  Others see you as the physical body you present to the world around you.  But your physical body rose-up from My Spirit, within you.  You draw your true strength from within you, from the flow of the energy of My Spirit, within you.  The source is most often unseen.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           Practice going beyond that which you can see, with your human eyes, and seek to see, with the eyes of your soul.  The eyes of your soul will take you deeper, into the rich soil of The Spirit of God which dwells within you.  Seek and you shall find.