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September 5, 2023



Listen, oh listen, to the song I AM singing.  You can hear it in the flutter of a leaf releasing, floating on the autumn breeze.  I AM singing so sweetly to thee.  You will hear it, when still, and the sweetness will, lift you from ‘ere you are sleeping.  I AM singing, and it is for you, so you might know My love is pouring through, swirling, sweetly, within thee.  There is no place which you can be, that I AM not there with thee.  Once My song is yours, you will know, for sure, we are one.  The song will lead you where you would not once have run.  You will dance with the song until day is done.

And The Holy Spirit says:

          Come day, or come night, you are not alone, for The Song of God will come.  And with you it will stay, until night turns to day, and you rise with the song in your heart.  Rise.