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September 6, 2023


          I have set teachers amongst you.  They are all around you, even though you cannot often see them, as so.  But if you look, with the eyes of your soul, their presence will grow.  You will see, and know, they are with you, wherever you go.  And as they pull back the veil, which impedes your sight, you will know you have seen My face, and in that tender space, whisper, “I see you, God.  I see your face.”    

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           The teachers have been set amongst you.  You walk with them, and through them, and touch them, and see them, every day.  The teachers, each created by God, will show you The Way.  Look, and find your teachers in each of these: the rocks, and the trees, the rivers, and the streams, the flowers, and insects, your brothers and sisters, and so much more.  You are all one, within The Great Creation of God.  God lives within all creation, and creation holds The Wisdom of God.  Seek The Wisdom of God in all creation.  find your teachers and acknowledge them, today, in all you think and do and say.  God is living in everything around you.  The teachers are with you.  Seek, and find the face of God, with you, today