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September 7, 2023



          If you can see, or envision, fields of wheat, grain, look deeper.  They might stretch, for what appears to be miles to your eyes.  And as the breeze moves through, the wheat, the grains, wave to you, appearing golden, in the light of the sun.  They have sprung-up from Mother Earth.  Now, they are reaching toward the sky, waving, calling your attention, saying, “Look, here am I.”  And from those waving fields of grains, and wheat, will come the food, tasting of comfort, and sweet, and substance.  For, that which was held, within Mother Earth, has risen-up, in the light of the sun, beyond its birth, to feed you, and nurture you, so you too might rise-up in the light of the sun, announcing, “Look, and see.  Here I am.  I will nurture thee.”

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           Look around and read the signs of nature.  If you do not hurry through, if you pass through, with a steady, but slow, pace, you will be called to turn your face toward that which is growing all around you, toward that which might be walking next to you, toward that which might be flying over you, and around you.  Look, and see.  You are part of all that is.  As you tend it, it tends thee.