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September 8, 2023



          I wish for you to walk upon the Earth, today, fully, completely, aware of who you are, and from whence you came.  You are not a puff of someone’s thought.  You are the treasure of My thought.  You have been with Me since before creation.  If you are still and quiet, you will hear the flow, and the blow of The Wind, and you will remember.  I breathed you, and loved you, into creation.  You hear it.  You hear the breath of your creation every time you inhale and exhale.  Inwardly, quietly, almost silently, you hear, and know, and remember.  You rode My breath into creation. 

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           That which you are told, in the quiet, from your soul, most often cannot be found in a book, or heard in a lecture, or seen in a movie, or taught to you by another, walking in flesh.  Wisdom rises-up from your soul.  I AM within you to make sure you are told all you need to need as you walk upon this journey of Earth.  And that which you hear, from within, rising from your soul, whispered by Me, quietly to thee, will never change, will never alter, will remain the truth.  And within, the truth, is wisdom.