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September 5, 2022



      Greet this new day with love.  Greet the world with love.  Greet each person, you encounter, with love.  For, what harm can it do, if you issue the invitation to stop, and receive the love, that is coming from you?  Even when it is rejected, and some walk away, you have still done your part, to bring love to the day.  So, greet this day with love.  As I send My love, overflowing to you, hold it, within, and see what holding My love can do.  It can alter you, your body, your spirit, your soul, because your body, your spirit, your soul recognizes My love.  My love is, within you.  So, use My love, today, in the most productive way, you can.  Greet the day, the world, and each person, you encounter, by being love.  If you do nothing else today, you will have greatly altered the course, of the energy flow, on Earth today, by greeting the day with love.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is good to ask, “What can I do?”  “What is my calling?”  “Where should I go?”  All these questions, about something you should do, or perhaps something you should study, or read!  But, I say unto you, do not go into a calling, or a deed, or into words, you have yet to speak, without first embracing The Love of God, and holding it, within you, in such a way, that, that is how you greet the day, that is how you greet the world, that is how you greet each person, that comes to you.  If you hold love, everything you do is infused with the love, that comes from you.  If you know not the love, if you refuse to love, if you portion out your love, then there is something missing from the deeds you do, from the words you say.  And the missing piece is love, the piece of love, that delivers, the peace of God, to those of Earth.  And it can come, from you today, if you choose to walk The Way.