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September 4, 2022



      Do not deny yourself the richest pleasures, and treats, of Earth.  And this glorious reward does not come from the riches in the world, created by man.  It comes from serving your fellow brothers, and sisters, your fellow man.  Every time you perform a kind deed, or speak a kind word, or hold, within your body, a kind thought, you receive riches beyond gold and silver.  It is that inner feeling, that knowing, that what you have done, pleases you.  It is because that is what the spirit, within you, who you really are, the authentic you, wants to do these things, but must rely on the physical body to perform the desires, and the mission, and the ministry, of the spirit that is you.  Each time you carry out the noble thought, by speaking noble words, and performing noble deeds, you have enriched your spirit, doing what you are meant to do.  And it is beautiful, enriching, fulfilling.  And in those feelings, you find completeness, because you are working, from the inside, completing the mission, from the inside.  You are serving yourself, and it serves you well.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not hesitate.  The spirit, that is you, is speaking, calling your attention to a deed, or a person, or something which can be done by you, to fulfil the mission, that is brought, by you, to Earth.  Do not deny yourself the riches, of the Earth experience, which is carrying out the mission, the mission that is held by the spirit, that is you, within you.  Permit your body, your hands, your eyes, your ears, to serve yourself, the spirit that is, within you.  The spirit that is, within you, will be prompting you to kind thoughts, kind words, and deeds of kindness.  Serve yourself, in this way, and you will enjoy the riches, of your Earth experience, beyond what I can now say, because it will be your experience, a rich experience, a full experience.  And in this way, you will complete the mission you were sent to do.