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September 4, 2022



      “I AM with you.  It is a glorious day.  And I say that no matter whether it is raining, or snowing, or bright sunshine, all around you.  It is still a glorious day, because you have one more day to fulfil a mission, to do that which you were sent to Earth to do, and to do so, joyfully, knowing you are accomplishing something.  And you can fulfil your mission, even when you are resting or, reading a book, or sitting.  Rest is important.  Work is important.  Play is important.  Every day, upon the Earth, is important, and glorious.  Come, let us walk into this new day, together.                     


      “Today, this is My message to you.  And, I wish for you to be a participant, in this message.  I ask each of you, hearing these words, to close your eyes, and see, if you will, stretched far away, across an empty plain.  And you will see a mountain range, far away, so far away that it is difficult to see, clearly, but you recognize it, as a mountain range.  And there is a light, behind this mountain range, and it is glowing, but not showing itself, not revealing itself, just glowing, behind the mountain range.  And you step onto the plain, which is void of any trees, any grass, any animals.  There is not even one insect.  The plain is void.  It is empty.  There is nothing there.  See this.  Keep, in your sight, the light, behind the mountain range.  Now, step onto the plain, and walk, slowly, toward the mountain range. 

      “As you envision this, and see yourself, walking toward the mountain range, observe what is happening behind you, that which is now occupying the path, which you tread.  Life is coming up.  People are present.  All of this, that is growing, behind you, represents the life you have led, for each hour you are upon Earth.  And look.  Look, at all the people.  Look, at what has happened, because you have walked the plain of Earth, all of the people.  There are houses, and bicycles, of your youth, and cars, and businesses, and gardens, and babies, and children, and elderly, and friends.  Look at what is happening, as you tread the plain of Earth.  It is your life.  And it is present.  You made a difference.  Where there was a void, there was nothing.  Look at this space, now filled, with activity, with people, with objects, with animals, and birds, and trees, and flowers, because you stepped up, and onto the plain of Earth, and walked toward The Mountain of God.

      “See yourself, reaching this mountain range, going up, standing at the top, of the mountain range, with The Light of God, shining behind you, enlightening you.  And you turn around, and look.  And there it is, spread before you, your life upon Earth.  It would not have been there, none of it, if you had not said ‘yes,’ and stepped up, onto the path, and walked The Way, to The Mountain of God.”