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September 3, 2022



      I wish for you to know who you are.  You have spent many years, finding out about the temporary you, the you of flesh, learning your talents, what your body can do.  But now, it is time to know the real you, not the temporary you, not the transient you, the eternal you.  The eternal you is with you now, within.  Stop, and be still, and go, within, and ask.  Ask to be shown who you really are.  And at that point, you will begin to hear, or feel, or know, or sense, the grand mission of the eternal you.  And as you sit, with the eternal you, it is possible that tears will flow, from your eyes, at the nobility, at the courage, and strength that is held, within the eternal you.  And more than anything, you will want to use the temporary body, of Earth, to assist the eternal you, in accomplishing the goal.  And once you rise-up, from that sacred state, you will not be the same, because you will not be limited to the physical you.  You will have now met, the eternal you, and aspire to do all the temporary you can do, to accomplish the goal, and return Home.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       There are some, living upon the Earth, who are well acquainted with the spirit that is, within them.  They know who they are. And they are quite noticeable, even in a crowd, because the way they move is different, their perspective, of things, is very different.  Their goal is intense, but calm, and peaceful.  There is a powerful presence about them, yet it is not stirred to chaos, or confusion.  They know who they are.  They know their purpose, and it accomplished, in peace.  You too can have this experience, while you are upon the Earth.  In fact, Earth is where you are supposed to have the experience.  Take some time to meet the real you, the authentic you, the you that is at the core of your being, the eternal you, which comes from God.